Because Holtkamp Greenhouses has always been committed to offering flower enthusiasts something new, they continue to pursue their research and development goals despite the hard work and expense.

One extraordinary example of this is the "Space Seed" project.  In 1984, Holtkamp Greenhouses sent 25,000 Saintpaulia seeds to NASA to be placed aboard a NASA space shuttle and launched into outer space.  These seeds were placed in the LDEF, or Long Duration Exposure Facility, and orbited the earth for the following six years.  By the time the LDEF was retrieved in 1990, the African Violet seeds had orbited the earth more than 32,000 times and traveled some 1.2 billion kilometers or 750 million miles.

The seeds are now referred to as the "Space Babies."  This unusual step, in the annals of potted and flowering plants, turned out to be one giant leap that has produced significant and exciting characteristics for African Violets. These characteristics are available in a series dedicated exclusively to Space Violets.

The Everfloris series is comprised entirely of African Violets that have been developed from the Space Violet program. They're bigger and easier to grow, with larger, fuller blooms that flower continuously.  The Everfloris Series is now available to the market in a 6 inch variety.

The Everfloris is the first continuous blooming African Violet which has beautiful wavy leaves and the flowers all have a stunning greenish edge. They're out of this world!